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Comicgen posted Tomorrow's comic AND today's
2007-07-28-6:36 p.m.

OK, comicgen is just fucked.

The last time I tried to update regularly, nothing was working. Not FTP, not username recognition, not updating, not the site for viewers. For days.

So now I update finally, and upload comics for today, Saturday 28th, and tomorrow, Sunday 29th, so that for TWO WHOLE DAYS you would have something new to read.

And what? Comicgen has decided to give you both comics today. No idea why. I just clicked "regular update", which means anything dated later than the 28th should NOT appear publicly.

So sorry. Go back one and read today (Saturday's). And then come back tomorrow and read tomorrow's despite it being posted now.


Things worked so much better in 2004, non?

ps, thanks to everyone who has given me fantastic suggestions on new servers and websites for hosting Liliane. I wish I could say I have the time to look into them now, but I am too overloaded to even get my pages done. Something to look forward to in the future. I have kept all your comments in my email files for then, thanks.

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Comicgen Still Down Big Time
2007-07-17-11:15 a.m.

Well, it is very frustrating.

I understand that Kisai and others at Comicgen are working on the problems, but from a creator and reader point of view, this comicgenesis server and programming problem is very disheartening.

I never know when it is worth my while to rush around getting a page of cartooning squeezed into my day, or fight the creative blocks, because when I do get something done, I cannot get into the ftp, or I cannot get into the upload page if I do ftp it into the files, or I cannot get into the actual public comics page, which means I am sure that the reader cannot either.

So, I am sorry.

I am probably losing readers, and I am losing interest in the cartooning, which was already waning with too much stuff on my plate right now. I did have pages done for the 15th and 16th, but haven't been able to get them to you. And the ones I did for the 13th and 14th didn't publicly appear until the 16th. Mid afternoon yesterday it still said Sat July 7th was the most recent comic. So frustrating.

I am wondering about moving servers or providers.
Does anyone have a suggestion of a more reliable place to park 3 years plus of comics, and upload new ones regularly??


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Uploading Apology
2007-07-06-10:56 a.m.

Sorry, not only am I caught in deadline hell... it's ok it will be over at 5pm today for a wee bit, so comics on the weekend... but when I did a fast quick apology sketch yesterday and tried to upload it, Comicgen was down, and neither the ftp or the update control panel were accessible.

So trying again today.
Sorry again folks.
Really, how did life get this busy?

oh yeah! new puppy!

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Me Bad on Dates in July
2007-07-03-12:42 a.m.

Stupidly I thought that the day after our long weekend was July 2, with July 1 being the monday holiday.

No go. July 1st fell on a Sunday, so July 2 was the longweekendmonday, with the result being that the first day back after the holiday is July 3 and not 2nd.

Sorry all, there will be a new comic today the 3rd, but probably not before noon my time. Somehow I managed to NOT work constantly over the weekend, other than laying sod in the backyard, putting in a patio, rerouting all my computer wires to all the peripherals and the electrical socket, nyadanyadanyada..

So I will be rushing back to EVERYTHING as soon as I get to bed, and get up again. Including hopefully a new liliane.

Ideas anyone?
Dang, I need an idea!!
Nothing like a break to shut one's mind off permanently!
ciao! Hope you had a happy Canada Day!

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Gretchen Videos 19.5 wks old
2007-06-27-11:38 p.m.

Some new videos.

Gretchy Barks STILL (1/3)

Gretchy Barks STILL (2/3)

Gretchy Barks STILLLL (3/3)

Gretchen and Baby Shaman the Cane Corso puppy

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Gretchen Videos 19 wks old exactly
2007-06-24-4:41 p.m.

Gretchen and Styrofoam ball

Gretchen Harasses Old Doggy

Gretchen plays with Kaia

Gretchen Runs with Older Friend

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Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke
2007-06-22-12:06 a.m.

OK, you gotta go look at this. Some guy is explaining Today's Marmaduke. This is brilliant. Some of my faves are when he shows the blatant recycling of ideas...June 15/07 (not even a year later: seelink) and the commentary on the May 11, 2007 comic. (scroll down).

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Butchless Books ends and New Gretchen Videos
2007-06-21-8:31 p.m.

Well, I FINALLY finished the Butchless Books story. I hope you like it. I am gratified to have shared it with a picture book artists group I am part of, and the general consensus was that they can totally relate. Well, it is nice to not be alone, but it is rather sad to think that there are that many other horrid publishing stories out there!

Anyways, if you liked the story, or not, I'd love that you leave me a comment about it.

Here are a few more Gretchen movies, to document her continual growth. Enjoy.

Gretchen Very Clean after being peed upon.

Quick clip of Gretchen walking at 18 wks old

Gretchenís Toddler Voice

Gretchen standing in Park 18.5 wks old, a little wee bark

Gretchen chewing stick 18.5 wks old and small bark at other dogs barking

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Comicsgenesis still NOT Updating
2007-06-20-2:57 p.m.

Oh Cripey.
I can see that monday and tuesday's comics are still in the upload zone and haven't been updated yet. Well, Wednesday's comic is sitting in queue now as well... there are apparently 4160 comics waiting to be updated onto comicsgenesis, so don't hold your breath and turn blue.


But do remember to go back and read the last three pages, when it does update: they should all appear at once.

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Comic late updating so More Videos
2007-06-19-12:56 p.m.

Sorry, yesterday I had huge work deadlines, so I didn't finish a comics page. Today I did two pages (one for yesterday, one for today), but there is a backlog of 3500 comics at Comicsgen waiting for updating... so it might be a bit.

So once again I offer you a few videos of Gretchen from last week. She is changing so much! No more little short stubby legs: her bones just go on and on! So long and thin!! She looks like a mini-St Bernard instead of a baby. Enjoy.

Kitty loves Gretchen Even More (in kitchen)

Gretchen and Lola munching eachother

Gretchen wears Big Girl Leash for first time

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Gretchy Barks Reprise II
2007-06-10-3:25 p.m.

Yes she is still barking at the door to my studio. So relaxing when one works! :D

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Nuit Blanche but no comic updated
2007-06-10-1:46 p.m.

Sorry Folks, comicgen is just not updating.

I DID miss Thursday and Friday, since Thursday night I did an alnighter drawing and painting a 12x 20 foot comic on the asphalt of the street for the 12th edition of Nuit Blanche au Tableau Noir, here in Montreal. It went really well, but instead of taking from 10pm to 2am as I was expected, it took til nearly 5:30 am to get it all colored in and lettered. Egads. Let's just say my legs felt like they had been assailed by rocks for upwards of 7 hours. Sitting in a chair at a drawing table is not good training for the physical labour of painting a huge surface on the ground.

I'll try to post photos in my blog here later today.

But I did do a comic on Saturday morning and today, but yesterday Comicgen was backed up 2000 unupdated comics, and now it has 4000 comics uploaded waiting to be updated for public viewing. So sorry. It rather makes me cringe to click onto liliane and see "Wed"!! yikes!!

So, just to know, I am back on track, and as soon as Comicgen gets caught up you can read all the pages.
(gotta to walk Gretchen!!)
ps, the Gretchen movies are on the previous blog page... or you can go to YouTube to see them

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