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Comicgen Not Updating, More Gretchen
2007-06-07-1:53 a.m.

Oh Goddamn, it's doing it again. I uploaded a new comic like 12 hours ago, and it still isn't updated on the site. There were over 4000 comics queued. Egads. I keep checking and it just shows Sunday still. I am so sorry. Comicgen's stats have been down a lot too lately... half of the days last month showed zero hits to the comics... and the days that work show 2000-6000 pageviews. Unlikely that it is accurate for the zero days. Sigh.

OK, a couple more YouTube videos of Gretchen!
Chris holds Gretchen

Baby Gretchen Plays!

I'm trying to upload one of my friend Chris walking Gretchen, who gets so excited she tries to take a chunk out of her knee, but I am on my third try... instead of getting an "upload successful", I get a totally blank page. drat.
Technology is your friend, yes it is!!
ps, ok, here it is!!

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More Videos instead of Comics? Kill me.
2007-06-05-11:55 p.m.

Hi, sorry the cartooning has just not been getting done. I finally have some illo work and I'm making it a priority. Of course BEFORE I got the contracts I offered to do all the illos for a lesbian mom pamphlet for free... So I am doing THAT in my free drawing time, instead of the comics. And to unload a little bit of guilt, this past weekend Comicgen was a bit nuts. I uploaded new comics and they didn't update for two days, which was a bit discouraging of me to do new comics. When you are supposed to be doing Monday's comic, and the ones you did already haven't appeared yet though the days have gone by, it seems a bit a waste of time to rush to do the new one.

Ah, spread the blame around like peanut butter on a hot day!

OK, in the morning I am going to the market to buy tomato and cucumber plants, instead of drawing liliane. There you are. I just have to get them in the ground or they will never produce in time.

In the meantime, here are some more Gretchen videos. They capture both her growth and attitude way better than any comics could (though there will be Gretchen comics in the offing, there will).
sorry again,
Leanne the Tardy

Gretchen plays with Kaia 1

Gretchen drinks spray bottle

Gretchen plays with Lou

Gretchen and Margaret 1

Gretchen and Kitty (fauve)

Gretchen and Margaret 2

Gretchen and kids 1

Gretchen and kids 2

Gretchen and Memenou

June 5, 07

Gretchen and baby teckel

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More Gretchen Movies (15 wks old)
2007-05-30-4:32 p.m.

Give Gretchen!
15 wks old

Gretchen Come! (1)

Gretchen sit at curb

Gretchen walking 15wks

Growly Gretchen 15 wks

Gretchen Greets Friends in Dog park

Gretchy Barks Reprise ( 15.5 wks old)

Gretchy and small doggy #1

Gretchy and small doggy #2

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Gretchen in Motion!!
2007-05-28-3:52 p.m.

Well, here is my first try at YouTube. Some VERY SHORT shorts of Gretchen. When I see them I wonder, why don't I take more videos? Nothing captures her like movement. Sorry bout the barking one. It is the best, but it is sideways. I have NO IDEA how to rotate it. does ANYONE know? please write me. I tried to open it in iMovie, to see if there was a rotate function, but no. Right now I have it in iPhoto, where my digital camera uploads it, and on YouTube. So if either of those have a "rotate video" button..... Anyways, hope you like seeing Gretchen. She's growing a LOT!

Gretchy digs snow

Gretchy pulls

Gretchy BARKS!

Gretchy walks

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Singapore Email Interview Guy!!! Urgent!!
2007-04-17-1:20 a.m.

If you are the person who wanted to do an email interview with me, for a podcast I believe, from Singapore I also believe, PLEASE recontact me... I can't remember your name, or the subject line of your emails, so am having real problems searching all my emails... I can't find yours to answer the questions.

Sorry, will do it asap if you please resend, or at least just send me an email saying "It's ME!" from the same email addy, and then I can do a search on it.


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2007-04-06-2:16 p.m.

OK, I've got Gretchen!!
What a little cutie!
But I've gotten no sleep, working like crazy to finish up renovations before she arrived.
Am going to nap now.

And you're right, a bunny DOESN'T run in a wheel.

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Comics Not Updating at Comicgen Today
2007-04-04-3:27 p.m.

Since the new sale image went up immediately last night (I just uploaded a new jpeg with the same name as the one already in the html), I assumed that the comic had updated.

Nope!! I just looked and there is a backlog of 3700 comics waiting to update on comicgen. Drat! Here I thought I was so smart uploading before i went to bed!!

So, sorry, there IS a Wed comic page, not just a new plea to buy stuff!!
Hopefully it will get straightened out soon.

(two days to Gretchen!!)

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Sorry No New Page yet
2007-03-30-6:21 p.m.

just like to say sorry to everyone... I just have not had time to do another comic page. I actually pencilled one just now, hoping to post it before I leave the house, but I didn't get it inked. Spent 5 hours unstapling, restapling (copycenter switched covers and interiors of zines on me agh), signing and packing zines the other day, had to do a promo piece for the end of the month for my work, which I finished at 6:30 this morning... slept for 2.5 hours, then went to deliver it, worked on another contract sketches (due today), hoping to be finished early afternoon to do a liliane page, but finished it at 5pm. Had to eat something, pencilled a page, then realized I have to get going: I have something in half an hour and I haven't changed or showered. TMI eh! But yeah, just to say that I might be too tired tonight after not getting enough sleep last night, to ink the new page, and tomorrow I have to be at the subway across town at 9:15 am.

So there might just not be another new comics page until tomorrow evening. I know it sucks, esp when y'all have been so great buying zines to bring Gretchen home. Just too busy. Everything had end of the month deadlines.

Off to get myself vaguely acceptable to see people, and I will do my best asap.
thanks again.

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2007-03-28-12:55 a.m.

New Gretchen Photo!!
She is now six and a half weeks old. And playing in the hay obviously!
My god she is growing FAST! I sure wish they had a longer childhood! Not as long as people, but really, that is just toooo fast! I'll be so glad to get her home and appreciate her babyhood!

And I'd like to thank everyone who ordered "Bring Gretchen Home" zines and books! Yayyyy!!!!

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Global Warming Takes Precedence
2007-03-22-12:44 p.m.

A quick "sorry": I had hoped to get today's comic done this morning, but a contractor was here from 8:30 to noon, and now the event with Al Gore and David Suzuki has been pushed up an hour earlier, so I am running out the door. On the off chance, I might do a page tonight if it is all ended early. But more likely will miss today and have a new page on Friday am. In the meantime you can look up some of the books with lesbian and gay parents listed below. Thanks for being understanding.

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Children's Books with LGBT Parents
2007-03-21-4:02 p.m.

Just thought I'd pass on the list of dyke mom books:

Emma and Meesha My Boy: a Two Mom Story
2005 (two white moms long hair)

Molly’s Family 2004 (two white moms, feminine ish, nondescript clothes)

Felicia’s Favorite Story 2002 (two feminine white moms)

Heather Has Two Mommies (white) 1989

Asha’s Mums (black Canadian girl) Toronto Women’s Press 1990

Saturday is Patty Day (white) 1993

While You Were Sleeping 2004 (white, nondescript clothes)

Two Moms the Zark and Me 1993 (white??)

Best Best Colors (lightskinned african american boy, 2 moms) 1999 english, spanish

Antonio’s Card 2005 (english, spanish, 2 moms, Mexican heritage. One butch artist mom)

Flying Free (two moms mostly feminine, white) april 2005

Belinda’s Bouquet (white freckled girl, 2 moms)

Anna Day and the O Ring 1999 photo book... nonstereotypical 2 moms, white???

Is Your Family Like Mine? 1996 (2 moms... daughter brown curly hair... white???)

Listing of books for kids with lgbt content

Two Dads Books

The Generous Jefferson Bartleby Jones two dads... white? 1992

Daddy’s Roomate 1991 two white dads

Daddy’s Wedding 1996 (same two white dads as Daddy’s Roomate)

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Butchless Books back on track
2007-02-22-4:02 p.m.

OK, well, yay for a storyline break. I actually ENJOYED doing a new page of Butchless Books today. So, we are back on track.

I have also updated the archives so they are up to date.

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Cayenne Pepper and Delayed Comics
2007-02-21-9:17 p.m.

OK OK I have pretty much run out of unused past pages to throw at you. And today I did two pages for RainbowRumpus, so that was my cartooning allotment for the day. AND I am totally coming down with a headcold. agh. I am sorry bout lack of comics, but I hopefully will get back in the groove in the next couple days. If not tomorrow, then on Friday, ok? Back to regularly scheduled storyline? How's that?

On the cold front... BONUS HEALTH TIP!!!: If you have a sore throat, put 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper into a cup, add boiling water. Let it cool down to a temperature that you can gargle with. Or sip it slowly.

It will work WONDERS!!! WONDERS I tellya. At five pm I couldn't talk, or even swallow. Yup. I was spitting in the sink, my throat was so painful and swollen. Five minutes after the cayenne pepper treatment... I can talk, I can sing, I can swallow!! wahoo!! So I am sipping more (or again).

note... I thought the cayenne pepper would burn, but it is actually not a problem to drink or gargle with at all. Wow eh!!

And if you don't believe me, you can read the "yea"s on the site that I found the cure on.

Stay well.

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