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Voting Links... HighSchool Popularity!!!
2005-04-27-3:21 a.m.

OK, hope y'all checked out Keith Knight's webpages (see below), if not his show tonight.

Thumbs up to reader Fred, for suggesting I get voting links and patiently clueing me in. Who knew that doing webcomics was a popularity contest?!! Well, there ya go, there are now links to both Buzzcomix and TopWebcomics voting at the top of the main menu. Please remember to click them every day if you like the comic... supposedly this will bring me more readers.

Or maybe a toaster oven. I'd settle for an allongé a day. :D

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Marginal Prophets' Show Tonight 25 April!!
2005-04-26-9:48 p.m.

Cartoonist Keith Knight's
excellente semi-conscious hip-hop/garage band The Marginal Prophets is playing. Go See them!!
Come on down to the Independent, 628 Divisadero St. @ Hayes, San Francisco, for The Marginal Prophets and a movie; the debut of Jorge Trelles' first feature film, "Divisadero". The Prophetsong, "Difficult", is on the movie's soundtrack....

here's a link to the details:
The Independents

This is an early show.. the movie starts a 9pm...the Prophets go on at 10:15.

End of public service announcement!
Buy his books, and get the cds... the music is great, and if you can stop dancing, you can read the comics at the same time!

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Il pleut de gouine!!!
2005-04-25-3:32 a.m.

Yo! (god, why do I say that, it is SOOO not Canadian)... here is an interview with a cool dyke feminist in France who does zines and comics. Her name is Esther, but she works under the name lolagouine (gouine is dyke in French). I just wrote to see if she wants to exchange zines... if it works out I'll write up a review. Cheers!

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Boogled by Google!!
2005-04-24-5:48 a.m.

OK, I'm totally boogled (boggled at being googled)... liliane has gotten hits this month from google searches from Latvia, Finland, Pakistan, Mexico, France, Canada, US, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Spain, Thailand and whatever is. I think that's pretty effin cool. YAY!!! me, Leanne

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Interesting Gay Marriage Discussion
2005-04-24-3:53 a.m.

Howdi! I wanted to point out this interesting blog article on Gay Marriage at Alas, a blog. It links to several cross-discussions on different blogsites and is worth looking into.
cheers and rubenesque curves!

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LUGs and Civil RIghts
2005-04-23-6:21 a.m.

Well, the Acronym Acrimony story is finally finished! Hope you liked it! There is a psychology professor in Utah, Lisa Diamond who does interesting research on gender and alternative sexuality expression and development. I discovered her by googling LUG for this piece, and she was wonderful to send me a copy of her article on her "LUG" research about young lesbians and bisexuals keeping or rescinding their sexual minority labels two and five years later ... ie LUGS, or NOT LUGS. Totally fascinating.

Other than that, do what you can to make sure your elected representatives stand up for equal rights for all minorities. That means upholding constitutions that declare equal rights for all. Freedom of religion means that I can believe that god created and loves gays as well as straights (I mean heck, if there is a gay gene, where did it come from? The devil??) Freedom of religion means that Christians don't get to dictate whom I commit my life to.

The idea that gays marrying stomps on straight marriage is akin to stating that women getting the vote stomps on men's right to vote. Or that Jewish people having the legal right to marry other Jewish people would force Catholic priests to marry them. If Catholics can allow protestant ministers to marry, why is it a religious problem for non-Christian, or even Christian lesbians and gays to marry?

How can fighting for the right to do something, so that more people are doing it, destroy that thing? More people voting bolsters democracy, so why would more people marrying not bolster the institution of marriage? If marriage is the cornerstone of society, creating relational stability, why would letting gays marry (theoretically cutting down that much reviled promiscuous gay lifestyle) not add to stability of society?

I just don't understand the religious and civil opponents arguments against gays marrying.
But in any case, I see absolutely no harm in it. God hasn't struck down San Francisco with an earthquake since the mayor started marrying gays last year, nor all the Canadian provinces and territories where it is legal. Society hasn't come unravelled, families haven't disintegrated.

But people keep acting like chicken little, and the USA continues to institutionalize bigotry. (re that link: they're against sex outside marriage... funny they oppose gay marriage, but don't support removing civil rights from straight unmarried couples) Please fight it. It doesn't matter if you are gay, it is a civil rights issue. I will fight for your right to take viagra, if you'll fight for my right to marry whom I want. I will fight for your right to divorce, if you will fight for my right to adopt.


ps, while googling Ms.Diamond I have found this other fascinating blog piece about the links between lust and romantic love.
***click "previous" to read about my San Francisco Alternative Press Expo trip***

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