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"It's the Principal of the Thing"
2005-04-20-3:11 a.m.

Hey! I'd like to point out the keenspace strip of Neil Murphy (another Saskatchewan ex-pat... I love that his stuff has references to Saskatoon, where I attended the start of grade school, and also my first year of university). It's called Straight Ahead. And yeah, it's not about being straight. hehe. Particularly, I would like to encourage y'all to check out his current storyline about a sex-ed teacher. Go. Now. And then go back in a few weeks to see what happens next.

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Photo of Me at APE
2005-04-18-1:44 a.m.

Yo! Here is a photo of me at my table at APE last weekend, courtesy of the lovely MK Czerwiec from

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New Tattoo Pics
2005-04-17-3:52 a.m.

By popular request, here are scans (yes I stuck my head on the scanner) of my new tattoo: scroll down to previous entry to read all about my SF trip, with lots of links.

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A Brief Review of APE and Welcome Back!!
2005-04-16-3:27 a.m.

Yo! We're back in the saddle! Or whatever silly analogy you'd care to use. I hope I haven't lost too many readers being gone for a week, and I hope that the new readers who discovered liliane at APE this past weekend were satisfied with the archives til I got back home today.

Thursday on arriving in San Fran, I jumped in with both feet, attending Michael Manning's pre-APE party at Le Cafe du Nord (and you only thought there were such names in Montreal!), where I met many zinesters and picked up some new comics which I shall write about in another blog entry.

Friday, we had a small hic, since the copy center had badly copied some and horribly folded all of the minizines I had them make for me. So I wasted 2 hours there straightening things out, and spent the evening refolding.

I then got a tattoo on my head by the artist Fish, and we took in the wine and cheese open house at Last Gasp.

I had an absolute blast at APE. This time was even better than last year since I had a good friend, JJ, helping me staff my table, so I got to get out and look around a wee bit more.

The queer cartoonists' panel which I was on, Saturday afternoon, was a resounding success, with a full house despite it starting only a half hour after APE's doors opened to the public. Justin Hall, who was the panel moderator, came up with excellent and inspiring questions such as do we consider our work political, do we have straight readers, do we see any connections between being queer cartoonists and the issues of other minority groups (which we may or may not belong to). My fears of being a complete ignoramus about the state of queer comics publishing these days were not grounded until the first audience question where the panel was asked our opinion of some comic called "Strangers in Paradise" I think. Um. duh? Who? What? Where? When??


We had an amazing gay cartoonists dinner (the food was excellent, inexpensive, and the company stellar) at Chow restaurant on Church St near Market to close up the first day. Saturday night, I got to see Larry-Bob (of Holy Titclamps and Queerzine Explosion and most recently play with his band Larry, Hall & Jack" at Mondo Porno, a launch of a clown porn dvd, complete with the dragking band Wood (70's rock covers... very professional... used to be the Woodyz with 50's rock), burlesque, circus acts and other live bands. Dancing to boppin music, and sexy people. They were giving out free copies of the clown porn dvd, but after watching it loop on the wall for three hours I couldn't stand being creeped out anymore by the smeared makeup, red noses and huge shoes!! I DID get a copy of Fat Chicks in Bondage. I have yet to view it, so I can only say it has an appealing yellow plastic cover with generic white label.

Sunday was another good day. I sold quite a few complete sets of the 9 new 'offline' minicomics and met several fans who had been following online the past year, and even a couple who had known liliane since the early 90's!! Surprisingly no one was interested in buying any of my children's books I had brought with. oh well!

The Juicy Mother booksigning events with Jennifer Camper and Robert Triptow at A Different Light Bookstore and Modern Times were woefully underattended, but the slideshow Jennifer had put together was very good, and so was the presentation Robert did about the true life sources of his gay marriage piece in the book. The few attending fans were warmly welcomed by us grateful comic scribblers.

I had another few days of wild times, including getting a tattoo on my head (feels like getting your teeth drilled in your ear), getting an afterhours tour of the only remaining gay bathhouse in San Fran, guided by the attractive and charming Martin Inane, getting to sit in on a pirate radio show hosted by the gorgeous and snappy Sherilyn Connelly, a tour of Haight Street by the relaxed and dashing Breezip, fun at le Musée Mecanique (our dear friend Mr. Martin again), hanging at the dyke bar The Lexington, and a play piercing workshop at Madame S. with Midori (both with Ms. Connelly), capped off by scrubbing a washroom from 3-5am on my last night! This girl knows how to have fun!!!

Indeed, not a moment to rest for the wicked!! (ok ok, I missed my connection to San Fran in Toronto on the first day, so I had eight hours to rest... dang them boarding room couches are sooo comfy! not!)

I am now back with y'all for another year of a page a day.

Forward and onward with our Acrimonious gang!

ps, special thanks to Trina Robbins & Steve Leialoha ... work here., and Larry-Bob & Nick Leonard for putting me up!!

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Too Many Tasks, Not enough Pages
2005-04-07-12:37 a.m.

Hello Folks!

Sorry, but I was hoping to draw two more pages, for Thursday and Friday, before the Saturday "bye, i'm gone and WOW!!! On Saturday April 9, 2005 it is ONE FULL YEAR since I started doing a page a day of liliane online ! . yowza! I didn't have any idea if I could keep it up.

So, sorry, have to leave for the airport in 3 hours or less, need to draw a new color picture for a card to give out at APE, still doing laundry and watering plants. The Acronym Acrimony story shall continue when I get back... ie Saturday April 16th.

I hope to see some of you at APE in San Fran (scroll down for full details). The rest, have a great week and I'll be back!

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New "offline" Minicomics for APE
2005-04-04-10:58 p.m.

Well, I've just finished a hectic week of photocopying, cutting, pasting, writing, just in time to send the photocopy-ready originals for 7 new minicomics to San Francisco in time for them to be ready for APE.

I have turned online keenspace stories into the following comics:

These 7 new "offline" minicomics add to the first two:

which I put out in November for the Small Press Expo here in Montreal.

So now if you want to read liliane in the bath, when your server is down, give the stories to friends or have them next to the toilet, you can!!! When I get back from San Fran in a little over a week, I will make all of these minicomics available for sale by paypal online. Or you may order them from me with a check or cash. They're all digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5"). The 12-pagers are $2 each, including postage, and all the others (16 -24 pages) are $3 each.

Click on the titles of the comics to read them online.

Well, off to work on income taxes! No rest for the wicked who want to party on the West Coast in two days!!

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Upcoming Trip to San Francisco
2005-03-28-1:45 a.m.

Hey! I will be in San Francisco bopping about from April 7 to 14. Specifically I will be meeting the public, selling my comics (books and minicomics) and signing at a table on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10, at APE, the Alternative Press Expo, a branch of the San Diego Comics Con. (click for info on times and prices) This is a fantastic event: hundreds of small press and alternative comics publishers and creators. You must be 18 I believe in order to get in, but that means once you are in, everything goes.

Last year was my first year and I had an absolute blast, meeting people like Michael Manning, Keith Knight Jr., Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother, Subgurlz), Charles "zan" Christensen (PRISM Comics), David Kelly (Boy Trouble, Steven's Comics) and Robert Triptow (Gay Comix).

I will also be at a book launch and signing of Juicy Mother with Jennifer Camper and Robert Triptow at A Different Light Bookstore. 489 Castro St, SF on Tues April 12, 7pm. There are four pages of liliane comics ("Chickenhead Love") in the book which has just been released.

Well, that's it for now! Try to drop by and say howdi if you're in the Bay Area April 9, 10 or 12th!!


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A new blog for Liliane
2005-03-27-9:29 p.m.

Well, this is the trial of a new blog for liliane and me, Leanne. I hope to let you know of anything I'm up to, exciting news in the comics world, influences and references for particular strips or stories and whatever else comes up.

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