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Toronto Here I Come!!
2005-05-27-7:13 a.m.

I'm off to Toronto Comic Arts Festival! See ya there (info in my last entry).

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HELP Me!! Toronto May 28-29
2005-05-25-1:58 a.m.

Do you live in TORONTO?? I need your help this weekend!!!

I shall be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this coming weekend, May 28-29. (it starts the 27th). I will be at a table selling my books and minicomics.

But NO I didn't already arrange to have someone help me out at the table! Silly silly me!

Turns out I will be sitting on a Gay Comics panel at 1pm on Sunday (with Tim Fish and Paige Braddock... dang wish that woman would talk more! heh!) and will have to leave my table unstaffed I guess. Unless someone emails me and says "pick me! pick me! I want to help you out!!"

What will you get out of it? Well, we can work out a deal. Some signed comics? A slice of pizza? A signed children's book? Whatever! Though note that if you, like Chris Oliver, want a lock of my hair, it is only about a half inch long now since it is regrowing from my St. Baldrick's shave.

Please let me know if you're at all interested!
For the rest of you, come by and say hi, check out all the signings, panels and other events at the TCAF... many big names such as Phoebe Gloekner (yay!), Seth, Chester Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Ariel Bordeaux...

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Missing Saint Strips and Byebye Buzzcomix
2005-05-22-6:39 p.m.

Sorry I didn't get the pages for Wed and Thurs last week uploaded before leaving town for two days. As a result I did Wed and Thurs when I got home on Thurs... so when it updated the homepage was Thursday. I suspect many of you didn't go back one to see Wednesday when you visited.

Same thing happened for the next couple days, me doing two strips each day to catch up and then loading them by midnight, so Keenspace uploaded both at once. When you visited, you would have immediately seen the second one, not the first of the two. I can tell most didn't go back to see Saturday's strip. How can I tell?? There were 400 visitors on Saturday and Sunday, and only ONE hit on Saturday May 21's strip.

My recommendation? Jump to the start of Energy Saver and read the whole thing through from start to end now that it's finished. Or, click to read:

to make sure you haven't seen only every second strip the past week. Sorry bout that. I guess I shouldn't upload two strips at once... it is hard to know you have missed a page.

Other than that, Buzzcomix seems to have disappeared off the net with no warning, only days after I put up the vote button. It's been more than a week now, so I have deleted the buttons. If you want to support liliane, please use one of the other buttons, such as Topwebcomics. Thanks.

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