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A Brief History of Sodomy
2005-07-07-4:31 a.m.

Just thought I'd pass on this incredibly in-depth review of sodomy, its history in Christianity, how the city of Sodom became attached to first non-procreative sex (did you know that bestiality is better than mutual masturbation, since bestiality corrupts just one soul, whereas mutual masturbation corrupts two??) and then somehow became synonymous with homosexuality, leaving behind the other sins of its inhabitants such as inhospitality, greed, hedonism, gluttony etc.

An extract from the whole posting (worth your while) at

What the George-Bradley brief shows is how the principled stand against all sodomy - however implausible - has now essentially been abandoned as a basis for law in modern society, even by its most fervent defenders. What's left is a residue of hostility toward homosexuals, animus by any other name. Logically, of course, heterosexual sodomy should be more stigmatized than homosexual sodomy. A man and a woman, after all, have a choice to procreate or not procreate; two women or two men do not. If you're trying to frame the law to encourage procreation, why only apply it to those who cannot procreate at all, while removing such an incentive for the only group for whom such an incentive makes sense? Just as the intense prohibition of sodomy seems to have emerged in part from a fear and incomprehension of homosexuals, so it has ended up centuries later in exactly the same place: as a means not of upholding a universal morality, but of maintaining a stigma against a single class of persons.

Check it out.

In other news, liliane was mentioned in another online comic today which was cool. I do NOT encourage people however to forgo spending money when they see my books in stores... please buy them and thus encourage comics and bookstores to carry my stuff. Think of it as a gift to yourself that supports both the bookstore, and me. If I don't sell books, I can't print new ones! (and if they don't sell in bookstores, then the bookstores refuse to carry them!! urk) Thanks to reader arbitrary ardvaark!!


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And Spain makes FOUR!!
2005-06-30-6:10 a.m.

Spain, yes Spain!! Can you believe it!!!

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"So When Ya Gonna Tie the Knot?"
2005-06-29-5:58 a.m.

Woohooo! Well, the equal-marriage bill C-38 passed here in Canada last night around 8:30 pm. It was largely a symbolic vote, since the right to marry had already been granted by court decisions in eight provinces and one territory in Canada, some for several years now (and God didn't strike those provinces with plagues or terrorists.. yet).

But symbolic or not, it makes Canada the third country to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. 158 to 133. I am proud to be in a country that is in the forefront of equal rights. Yay. Let's say that again. Yay.

Here is a chronology of the gay rights issue in Canada. And here is a whole rundown of the issue, including ads pro and anti, which ran previous to the vote,, at Canadians for Equal Marriage.

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Liliane Struts in Shameless
2005-06-26-6:40 a.m.

Run, don't walk, to your bookstores and newstands and pick up a summer 2005 copy of Shameless magazine, for girls who get it. It is a totally amazing, kick-ass no-nonsense Canadian magazine for teens who are interested in things a bit deeper than snagging the fish in the sea of the boyfriend variety, bikinis and bikini waxes.

I just got my copy, since I am one of five female cartoonists profiled in it (woohoo a whole page!)... and I like it so much I am going to subscribe, and get a gift subscription for a 16 yr old girl I know. Do check it out!!

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End of the World!!
2005-06-24-5:47 p.m.

You know, googling to research this comic strip on the religious right and how they selectively label things they don't like is boggling. Today, I have discovered "". I invite you to click here on the American Defamation League (ADL) page they have up, and use your "find" option to search the page for the phrase "collapse and end of Western Civilization". Apparently if the ADL succeeds in removing hate speech, the Jews will win, which will be the end of the white race, the end of Western Civilisation and the end of science.

(I am so ignorant about racism... I always thought Jewish people WERE white, except for the ones who aren't... kind of like well, Christian people are white, except for the huge proportion of them who aren't... what the heck is the conflation of religion and race? Wasn't Christ and his mother semitic? And all the disciples? So then how can white Christians and white Jewish people be different races?? Is it some strange Northern European insecurity that God sent his sperm to impregnate a woman in Palestine and not to France or England?).

I find it fascinating how there can be so many prominent Jewish scientists, including Einstein, but if Jews take over, it will be the end of science. It is incredible how much those with no capacity for rational thought can write.

Though it is reassuring that I don't actually exaggerate the rightwing / white / christian extremist worldview of jew/homo/other races being free from attack= them taking over= the end of civilisation. wow.

Well, back to googling!
Have fun.

Ps, found this excellently fun Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese page!!

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Diversity Crayons Banned!!
2005-06-20-5:38 a.m.

Since we're on the topic of right winger's and christians redefining the terms of education on this continent, here's a great satire about coloring in rainbows from, thanks to reader Carrie. Totally pertinent.

Their satires are so spot-on that they are often mistaken for actual reporting. Apparently they were the ones behind a Laura Bush scandal as well. Who knew!!


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Fencesitters Ball's Tenth Anniversary on SF Pride Friday!
2005-06-15-11:31 p.m.

For you San Fran and area bisexuals! Public Service Announcement!

San Francisco's premier party for bisexuals returns on SF Pride Friday, June 24, 2005, for its tenth anniversary at the Rawhide in San Francisco.

Hosting two dance floors and an upstairs covered patio, the Rawhide will be the perfect place to mingle, socialize, and perhaps spark up something new on either side of the fence.

Downstairs on the main dance floor, we'll have local SF DJs Mermaid (Miss Kitty's Scratching Post) and Jovino (Theory Radio) from 9 p.m. until midnight. DJ Adnan (Forward) will spin the latest in SF dance music until closing at 2 a.m. For those wanting a bit of retro we have DJs lowlife (Re- Flexx, New Wave City, 1984) and John (Re-Flexx, New Wave City) spinning the dance hits of the Eighties in the mezzanine dance floor.

The event will run from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. and is 21 and over. Admission will be $5 until 10 p.m. and $10 after. The Rawhide is located at 280 Seventh Street at Folsom in San Francisco's SOMA district.

Any late-breaking info will be posted on our hotline at 415.626.4561.

So come out, come out, wherever you are and help us celebrate ten years of Fencesitting and a lifetime of Pride!

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Dykes in Comics in Curve!
2005-06-14-11:59 p.m.

Hullo! Check out the article Dykes in Comics on page 71 of Curve Magazine's June issue! Liliane has a spot part in the Colleen Coover illustration, and gets a brief mention a couple of times. Strangely in the listing of online comics, it mentions that liliane is drawn by "a bisexual Canadian dyke" instead of naming me, but I guess I need no introduction! :D

The article is by Lori Selke, and gives a brief history of lesbians in comics, including zines, manga and webcomics and is worth checking out.

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The Intelligent Guide To Brighton & Hove
2005-06-09-3:42 a.m.

Hmmm, here's a rather well-written old review of my second book, "Teaching Through Trauma". One never knows what one will find if one googles.

Yes, you can buy that book from me from the website.

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Sequential Tart Interview is Up!!!
2005-06-03-12:17 a.m.

OOOO! My interview at Sequential Tart is up!! I could tell since several people left me comments (or actually bought books! oooooo!!) saying that they'd just read it. After you've read it you can read the other interviews and articles at Sequential Tart too... esp Kris Dresen's. I love her work!

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Editorial Cartoons in Turkey
2005-06-01-1:47 a.m.

Yes I am back from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Yes I'm burnt out and behind on everything! Yes I am trying to catch up!

In the meantime, I offer you the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists which is a fun cool site. It has information, educational uses of cartoons (Cartoons in the Classroom), news... Check it out!

And while we are speaking of news, it seems that Turkey's Prime Minister, who claims to be pro-free speech, and who was once jailed himself for reciting an "unpatriotic" poem, doesn't have much of a sense of humour. He has cracked down on portrayals of himself by editorial cartoonists in Turkey. Strangely because they are only being fined and jailed, instead of beaten and disappeared, one cartoonist said "all is done within the framework of the law". How extremely encouraging.


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