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KeenspaceumComicsGen back up, And BuzzComics too!
2005-08-03-5:30 a.m.

Well, it seems that keenspace is back up... the manual update is working again (they hooked it up to a different server port... too technically complicated for me to understand). The stats are up again too, but unfortunately did not record anything between July 29 and Aug 2 so I can't tell how many pages have been seen so far, nor how July compared for total pages/visits against the months so far. Grrr. I am such a stats watcher!

And Buzzcomix is back up again, with new and improved scripting apparently. So I have added their vote button back to the vote section. Speaking of voting, I'd like to thank everyone who has bothered. For a brief moment I was actually in the TOP 100 of!! wow! Now with the keenspace server fiasco I am back down to 143 for August.

Woohoo! I just checked and I am at #96 at So thanks!

And here is a photo of me and Ariel Bordeaux, of Deep Girl fame, who now does a comic called Raisin Pie at fantagraphics with her husband. It was taken at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 28.

copyright 2005 Leanne Franson

It was totally great to meet her, even if she is a cute blonde babe, instead of the darkhaired bespectacled geek girl I expected! Read her stuff!


ps, strangely I knew Buzzcomix was back up because they sent a nice mass email detailing the happenings and changes... I would like to know why Buzzcomix, which is only a listing service after all, can do this, while Keenspace could not send a single email to their 6000 hosted comic creators telling them of the name change to ComicGenesis, how to go about changing their links, the problems with servers being down and needing to use a new login URL etc. They said to me "send 6000 emails! You're kidding!" No. You have our emails... heck, if paypal, target, walmart, the Globe and Mail and Buzzcomix can send out a mass email, I am sure that Keenspace has the technology to send ONE email to 6000 addresses. Isn't that the whole point behind computer technology? Apparently it is better to have each individual creator search through their forums as they come up against problems, sort through all the chatting back and forth between the moderators, and have the moderators explain bit by bit to individuals. 6000 of them.

Silly me. Suggesting that a single explanatory email to all of us might be a good idea. Silly silly me. (sorry, I am getting snarky again. But really. Talk about efficiency)

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Vintage Liliane
2005-07-31-4:23 a.m.

Well, since I am overworked with illustration work, leaving for Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in a week (for a week), and it is pride week here, I am uploading a bunch of "vintage" liliane work from 1986-1992. Yes that is a long time ago. In 1986 liliane was not a bi-dyke, she was just a lesbian with boys in her past (and unknown to her, her future). The cat is Zania, my kitty from 1985-1997, along with Butler, who was more of a comic's star. I hope you like them.

Note that the login for keenspace is still down. We can upload comics via FTP but have no control over the updating... hopefully autoupdate will kick in, and put the new comics up. Sorry for the mess.

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Bypassing Keenspace
2005-07-30-2:10 a.m.

Hullo! Well it seems that all is not well at keenspaceslashcomicgen... apparently they are recoding their admin site so we cannot get in at all to update etc.

So while we are waiting, those of you who bother to look down at this blog (vs just going "oh, it is STILL Thursday's comic" and leaving) get to see this tidbit of vintage liliane work from about 1986, and also, here is some fan art from Christ Oliver. It is his vision of how liliane and gang would look if they were animated. His website is here.

I'll try to upload to this blog the comic page for Saturday... I swear I am so tempted to shut down for the summer, move to another site and then start afresh in September.... :D

two seconds laterWell, very weird. A minute ago Thurs comic was still up, but now this vintage one (for Friday) is up despite me not being able to login to the manual update. Maybe I'll try FTPing Saturday's and see if it goes up without me clicking the "update" in login. Crikey.

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Keen oops, Comicgen not working yet again.
2005-07-29-6:50 a.m.

Well, there's always the "be so annoying that everyone will leave" theory. Or "if you do something badly no one will ask you to do it again".

So... after the updating not working for several days (yes, internal glitches with changing the keenspace coding in the admin to and they want us to believe it will cause 6000 different creators and everyone who links to them no hassle... when they can't get their own site to change over without a week of crashes).... I just uploaded comics with FTP but when I go to log in I get nothing but a 404 Error page for the same link that worked yesterday (yes, it is comicgenesis and not keenspace already so should work).

Agh. Sorry people. But if it keeps fucking up I will have very little interest in seeking out the hundreds of people linking to me to tell them to change to comicgenesis and will in fact get my own site. (some bright person on the forum thinks I should contact everyone who has ever linked to me from livejournal... fun eh!) grrr. Anyone have any freeware that updates/ archives comics to steer me to that I could put on my site?? I mean hell, may as well go with non? Ack and triple ack.

Hopefully you'll get a new comic later today.

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Admission of Sad Coffeeshop Dependency
2005-07-27-4:54 a.m.

OK, other than being braindead, behind in my work and gay pride here, I have no good excuse for no new comic. I'll get on it. I swear. Well, actually the good excuse is that both, yes BOTH of the coffeeshops I draw my comic at are closed. One til Aug 8, and the other supposedly reopens... um. TODAY! Wednesday! So that means, back to work! Sorry people! Read the archives. Bitch about the namechange to comicgenesis. um, be patient.

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Hey Baby, This is Earth, There are No NEW WORLDS.
2005-07-24-5:52 p.m.

Well, I finally went on the keenspace forum to see what was up with the log in. Seems I am not the only one having the circular "log in- update-you need to log in first-" hell. And it finally seems fixed now, so the latest two pages should show.

And together with that I learned that they have disappeared keenspace. It is now "Comic Genesis": "New Worlds. New Dreams". Can I say how peeved I am? Why the effin F**K do they need to change the domain name? Keenspace is short. It is not two words, or five syllables. And it was out there. People google "leanne" and "keenspace" to get to liliane. It is easy to write: is way longer to type.

Not to mention that I have sent out that link everywhere for the past two years. At parties, in coffeeshops, on the street, in interviews, in all my print comics, in flyers, by word of mouth. And they are like "well it will be forwarded til the domain runs out, but keenspace no longer exists". Fuckers. Yes fuckers.

Is there some fancy reason, such as they were being shut down by Google or Disney if they don't change the name? Or did someone just not like the word "keen" and thought "oh, genesis, that's kind of cool!" Yeah, wow, it was the name of a rock band in the 70's. So does that make it retro or biblical? urk. New Worlds. New Dreams. Yeah right. Don't fix something that's not broken.

Everyone knows when you change your address, your mail will get lost for the next five years.

So, you are forewarned, people.
Very grumpy Leanne
Who feels like knocking some hollow heads together.
Genesis my eye.

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Here are Saturday and Sunday's comics!!
2005-07-24-6:57 a.m.

Oh goddamn again. For some idiotic reason keenspace is giving me the runaround when I log in... I press update comic, and it automatically changes from "update" to "login" and gives me the login page. I shall try again tomorrow. In the meantime, you can click here to see Saturday's comic, and here to see Sunday's. Goddamn anyways. grrrrr!!!
(and yeah, maybe finally they are sticking to what it says about needing IE 5.5, instead of my ancient IE 5.1. hehe)

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Hey, I'm a wee bit Hefty!
2005-07-19-6:19 a.m.

Merde alors!
Why don't I update my comic when I finish it at 5pm, instead of waiting til I hit the sack past 6am? I don't know I don't know. No excuses. But now keenspace is not open for business, so no uploading, no logging in. grrr.

So I leave you with this most excellent picture of Asterix's gut in real life! hah! The poor cat!

Come back soon for the comic. I'll try when I get up.

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Mundane Circus Recommends...
2005-07-14-6:54 p.m.

Hullo! Checking out my stats page, and who is linking to me, I discovered this delightful and rather extensive links page: Mundage Circus: Links. Raffi, the creator of the list, points out lesbian and gay themed comics, female-friendly ones, manga, other recommends, including several in the French language. And there are little color coded buttons to indicate if they are Canadian content, Quebecois, Raffi's "must-reads", and/or if they've been an inspiration for Mundane Circus. Definitely worth checking out for new reads and online links to favorites.


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Latino Same Sex stats!
2005-07-14-6:09 a.m.

Grrr, I got caught up (sorry, Wednesday's page didn't appear til the afternoon) and now keenspace is not letting me log in. Sorry! I will try again when I get up.

In the meantime, here is this fascinating article about Latino same-sex couples and their kids in the states. I had no idea!


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