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Missing Link
2005-10-15-2:05 p.m.

ACK!! sorry, I 'updated' my comic last night, was all happy I wasn't late, and then today thought 'why the heck isn't it Saturday's comic?' AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa.....

I don't remember FTPing it up to the site. oops! So I updated, um, an empty folder.

Hopefully it'll be up within moments. Sorry, I really did think once I'd scanned it and updated it was there... dang on technology and forgetful me at 5am.


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Late Comic and Lost Stats Login
2005-10-07-2:53 a.m.

OK, no excuses... there was only a queue of 6 comics to update tonight when I put in the new liliane page... I am just a day behind on my bi-daily schedule. Dang. Sorry. I DID do a full page comic called "Are you Going Home for Christmas", that I COLOURED if you can believe it, for the December issue of Girlfriends Magazine. Do check it out when it comes out. Apparently it is wordy, but funny (so says the editor).

So I have not been slacking off.
But yes, the comic is late.

And do I have any other gripes? Yup!! Keenspace/comicsgenesis is insisting that my login name and password are wrong, and won't let me look. Hmm. The same login name and password that I used seconds before to upload the comic. And yes, I went back to the url and tried three separate times, in case I got some bug or mistyped. Maybe they don't want me to see that indeed they are recording stats about 50% of the days (the others read as 0 hits), and Oct 1 they only showed stats for less than 12 hours. yay. Will someone PLEASE tell them, if you count only half the bananas on half of half of the days, it does NOT count as stats?

hope you are enjoying the comic anyways, what with lateness and rantingness.

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Queue lala....
2005-10-04-2:22 p.m.

merde! I just checked, and it is still Oct 2nd comic, since there are STILL 6300 comics in the update queue. Dang.
Sorry! Please check back!

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We Couldn't Queue More If We Were British!!
2005-10-04-7:03 a.m.

hello! There is a new page uploaded for today, Oct 4, but there appears to be 8495 comics waiting in the queue... so I am sorry, no idea when it will appear. Remember if you wish to read more, you can always go to the shop page! (and the books make great presents! hint hint!)


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Simpletext yes, Stats non
2005-09-21-2:06 p.m.

Ok, thanks to reader Sean for helping me figure out to write .txt files for my keenspace page instead of richtext files in OSX! YEAH!! thanks Sean!! So yes, now the previous three comics now have text under them again! Bonanza!

Now if we could only get keenspace/comicgenesis to fix the stats. For some reason there are zero stats registered for Sept 9, 10, and from 13 to 19th, and like 20 hits for several other days... unlikely since the days it IS working I get like 3000 pages read by 250-300 visitors. Making it utterly pointless to look at anything that needs stats every day to calculate... average daily pages read, average daily referers, average daily visits, total pages read this month, total pages read to date, total referers, total unique users etc. It is kind of sad being as I'm a stats watcher... and was hoping to have a wee party of sorts when I got up to 960,000 page views (very very soon) since that would be the equivalent of y'all reading 10,000 copies of my 96 page book! (ahhh if only! You know if you actually buy the book and I sell all 1000 copies, I could afford to put out a new book!)


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Joann Sfar in Toronto Tues Sept 20
2005-09-20-12:54 a.m.


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the Friends of the Merril Collection are proud to present:

An Evening with Joann Sfar
Tuesday September 20th, 2005 @ 7PM
The Lillian H. Smith Library, Basement Auditorium
239 College St., Toronto
Free to attend

Please join us in welcoming internationally renown French graphic novelist Johann Sfar to Toronto, in celebration of the release of his new graphic novel The Rabbi's Cat. A touching tale about love, faith, and the intersection between religion and culture, The Rabbi's Cat is sure to be one of the fall's most interesting and acclaimed new graphic novels.

Joann Sfar will be interviewed on stage by Beguiling owner Peter Birkemoe in a discussion that is sure to interest and enlighten both fans and necomers to Sfar's work!

Sponsored by The Beguiling, Random House Canada, and Le Consulat General de France a Toronto.

The Rabbi's Cat and many other books both in French and English by Joann Sfar are available at The Beguiling.

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Richtext is not Rich... Vive le Simple
2005-09-19-4:53 p.m.

merde alors! I got the scanner working ... as you can see we have a new page.

However apparently the OSX opens simpletext files as rich text, and doesn't save .txt files... and apparently files that are labeled .txt.rtf do not show up in keenspace.

I have to run now, so will try to figure out what to do later.

Sorry, if you are just joining us, you'll have to jump yourself to the first page of the story. ack. ack. ack.
I LOVE advances in technology! If I wasn't otherwise occupied, this fiasco would be a good excuse for a comics storyline!

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Scanner Software Hijacks Cartoonist's Mac
2005-09-18-5:58 p.m.

Hello there!
I am really sorry. The next page was drawn, but the new scanner driver to go with my new used G4 and OS10 seems to have freaked out. I got one image scanned for a job, read some incoming emails and then when I went back to the scanner all has frozen. Cannot force quit, cannot restart computer, cannot shut down computer... just got a million little windows that won't close, won't respond to any of their buttons to close, cancel, continue. I can only say that I am happy that the other applications still work, if the rest of the computer won't. Have you ever heard of a mac that you couldn't restart? That used to be the one surefire fixall in my G3.

So, sorry, it is not a good idea to get a new system on a Friday at 6pm... the computer guy ignores your pleas for help all weekend.

I'll post a new page as soon as it becomes technologically possible.

ps, to the smartasses (you know who you are) who said "you can get computers at Ikea?", I wrote " to get a hard drive support". A support is a nice metal thingie that you use to support your hard drive in the air off the end of your computer table. Only $10.

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New temporary schedule
2005-09-15-4:37 a.m.

Hello! I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I'm behind. I have too much work, and then this computer changeover problem. Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA to pick up a hard drive support at my normal scheduled cartooning time, and the next day I shall be accompanying my puterguy in a complete moveover of hard drive from my G3 to a G4 at my normal scheduled cartooning time. Hopefully all will improve computer/internet-wise from that point.

Besides that, I think that for now, the current story is going to have to be posted every second day. There is just so much on each page that it is very slow to do. I only get either the pencilling or the inking of a whole page done in my alloted cartooning time, instead of both.
So you are forewarned. Bi-daily comics vs daily, just for this story (I was once a nouveau riche), at least for now.

Thankyou for your patience!

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2005-09-11-8:50 p.m.

Well, I haven't disappeared. I DID think I'd leave the New Orleans fiasco comic up for a couple of days, rather than bury it immediately in the archives, but then last night when I went to put up a new comic, the site was down.

I've uploaded it, but it still hasn't updated hours later (there was a queue for updating about 5000 comics long). Just to say that if it looks like I've deserted or MIA, it just LOOKS that way! :D

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Postcards Postcards
2005-09-01-1:02 p.m.

While trying to get comics done for my other commitments I am posting a series of postcards I did to be sent from Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, drawn in 1997 and 1998. I hope they capture some of the feel of the fest. Please note that on Wed night I uploaded several, including one for Wednesday... so if the last "comic" you saw was the photos, go back one from Thursday so you don't miss a postcard.

Hope to be back to regular programming by the weekend. (keeps fingers crossed)

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Photos Photos...
2005-08-31-3:53 a.m.

Well, now that Keenspace seems to be working fine, I am behind by a day or two. Not that I haven't been drawing. I have been doing several pages for Rainbow Rumpus, a new up and coming site for children who have LGBT parents. And then I need to do several pages for the next Juicy Mother book edited by Jennifer Camper. zoom zoom, so much to do! I promise I'll get more pages up here though! I have the idea for the next one, but in the meantime I hope you'll forgive me with a page of photos from my vacation at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

Also, it seems i need to upgrade the old puter to get rid of the memory problems. I might get away with a used G4 and transfering my hard drive over to it keeping the OS 9.2, and then installing OS 10.3 or somesuch... maybe my browsers will actually be able to read the script at other websites! And if it doesn't work, I'll probably be offline. Keep your fingers crossed!

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A Little Trashing Goes a Long Way
2005-08-29-4:31 a.m.

OK, well spending all of Saturday night deleting things and emptying out the trash over and over seems to have freed up enough memory on my hard drive to actually scan and fiddle with comics again. yay! But with all the crosshatching I'm still a day behind. Hope you enjoy Sunday's offering today (Monday).

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Defragmenting or Fraggle Rock??
2005-08-28-3:47 a.m.

OH yes yes, I do know that my hard drive is hard driven to find space on it, since I overload it mercilessly with clutter. My house has the same problem. Things pile up. So I just spent THREE yes three hours, deleting things from my sent email file, and trashing a bunch of other unnecessary files (references for drawings etc, scanned sketches and like). But now to defragment... oh dear! Does a Norton DiscDoctor that is good for OS 8 also good for OS9.2? Will it lose and crash everything? Disappear it into the WipeOut program? Does anyone know?

Computers are really really bad for one's pen to paper productivity.

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Poop on Technology!!
2005-08-26-4:05 a.m.

Well, dang, if it aint one damn technological thing, it's another!
Once again keenspace/comicsgen has managed to somehow produce a bogus "first comic", selected at random from the middle of my production. Sorry for the wierd and irrelevant "first comic" page. I certainly wasn't drawing that in March 2004, and who knows how it gets that number.

On other news, I am not certain I will be able to upload comics this weekend, because my computer seems to be out of memory. I had a heck of a time scanning and fixing today's comic in photoshop cuz it kept saying "scratch disk full"... which apparently means, not enough memory to do what I'm asking, even if it was simply cropping the scanned image. I had to scan it in at 72 dpi (I usually scan at a higher resolution til I am done playing around with it, and then scale it down... but it wouldn't do zip at higher than 72dpi). It is ok, but I don't know if there will be enough memory tomorrow to do the same.

So, time to call the nice computer home-visit man and hand over some moolah. If I were rich I'd upgrade to a new OS (ten anyone??) and thus be able to get a new browser and the whole shebang, entering the 21st century. I am still back in about 1999. oops!

So, this is an apology in advance if I am unable to scan and doctor up the comics for public consumption before more memory is installed (which means another hard drive or something... this one has stretched to its limits of upgrade).

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Still no update via ComicGenesis
2005-08-22-3:02 a.m.

Well, it has been 24 hours since I uploaded Sunday's comic and it is still in the upload file, not updated. I have now uploaded Monday's comic too, so they can keep eachother company. Right now there is still a queue of 3500 comics to upload. And no there were no stats yesterday. So what's up? I don't know. Sorry.

Hopefully by Monday afternoon both pages will have updated. Keep your fingers crossed.
Really sorry. I'm drawing them and uploading them. drat.

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Yet Another ComicsGen Whine
2005-08-21-7:23 p.m.

Egads, once again Keenspace is not Generating Comix as its comicsgenesis nomer would suggest... When i clicked "update" half a day ago there was a queue of 8070 comics waiting updating. Now there are only 7886! Sheesh!
Sorry. Sunday's comic MIGHT be up by Monday. Maybe I should load Monday's as well, and they all might be there by Tuesday.
Stats are all wonky too. oh well! Hope you're liking the Michfest report pics though!

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