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Hello from Mommyville!
2008-03-28-10:10 p.m.

Well, I am sure no one is reading here anymore.

I've obviously been busy as I adopted my little boy, Ben, from China in September. I didn't get much done besides taking care of him, Gretchen, and sleeping for the first month or so. And then had to get back to work as I had a book contract that wasn't completed yet by the time I had to fly off to Beijing.

I got an extension on it so I could fit it in parttime, and did manage to finish it. You can see it here.

I got back on the cartoon bandwagon and have been doing Rosen'Blue & Sassafras again for Rainbow Rumpus, the online site for kids who have lgbt parents, since Feb 08. You can check them out here, if you need some new comics. Not liliane, but at least cartooning.

I also did a fourpager for the new Prism comics guide. I am not sure if it is out yet. The theme was "high school".

OK, gotta get back to the illustration grind. My state-paid maternity leave ran out two weeks ago, so I am a fulltime mama and a fulltime illustrator again... keeps me busy.

Anyways, I do hope to eventually find time to start liliane up again. If I got small son in even one day a week of daycare, it could happen.

Until then, thanks for reading the archives, and ordering past issues of liliane! I still have them all in stock, except the first trade book, "Assume Nothing", which is out of print.

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Finally More Gretchy Videos
2007-07-31-2:35 p.m.

Well, still totally too much to do, so behind on the comics, AND behind on uploading Gretchen videos, but here you are. These are Gretchen about 20-21 wks old, ie a month ago.

I'll try to get more uploaded!
When did life get so busy?!!

Gretchen and Marcus

Gretchen and Meo pull 1

Gretchen Walks to the Park 19.5 wks old

Huge Tiny Baby Chaman June 27

Gretchen and Tequila

GRowly Barky Gretchen and Chaman

Gretchen and Chaman play and weird discussion on dpj kids

Gretchen, Chaman and Uma

Chaman home less than one week

Chaman not yet 3 mos old puts Gretchen down for the first time!

Gretchen nearly 21 wks, Chaman home one week, and Meo barks!

Growly Mistress. Gretchen 21 wks old.

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