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ComicGen back up and Clallam Bay Comicon!
2016-06-11-11:54 p.m.

Well, here I am years and years later! My son is now 10 years old, I'm pushing 53, and I have hardly done any comics for years.

But I have decided to revive my Liliane Comicgenesis site, since I have been asked to be the guest artist for Donna Barr's Clallam Bay Comicon, in Clallam Bay, WA, USA, on July 9-10, 2016!

You can get news on the Clallam Bay con by visiting Donna's site.

There is a GoFundMe to help me and my son travel from Martensville (just north of Saskatoon, SK) to Vancouver by train, and then by car to the comicon, if you are at all interested in helping out.

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Rainbow Rumpus Toolbar and March '10 Rosenblue
2010-04-08-12:35 a.m.

Well, it's been a very long while. Sorry! But you may as well take a look at the
March issue of Rosen'Blue & Sassafras
over at Rainbow Rumpus (site for kids with lgbt parents) which is about going crazy with Cabin Fever!

And also DO sign up for downloading their Rainbow Rumpus Toolbar. They are getting $1 per toolbar downloaded between April 7 and 9. Here's their spiel:

Download the Rainbow Rumpus Toolbar and Help Us Earn Up to $5,000!
Dear Leanne,
As one of Rainbow Rumpus's strongest supporters, I wanted to let you know about this exciting opportunity. GoodSearch will donate a $1 for every toolbar that is downloaded between April 6th at 9am Eastern and April 9th at 9am Eastern up to $5,000!! Please download the toolbar right now
Our new Rainbow Rumpus toolbar is free to download and allows you to raise money for our cause every time you search or shop online! Once added to IE or Firefox, each time you shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Rainbow Rumpus- at no cost to you (and you may even save money as the toolbar provides coupons and deals as well!). The toolbar also has a search box and each time you search the Internet, about a penny is donated to Rainbow Rumpus.
Please hurry and do this now so that we can earn the $1 bonus per toolbar!

And, please pass this along to all of your friends. The two minutes it takes to add this toolbar to your browser can make a lifetime of difference for young people with LGBT parents!
Get the toolbar NOW!
Thank you once again for your invaluable partnership.
Laura Matanah
Executive Director

Note, I also did the illo to their March story! Check it out!

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April 2009 Rosen'Blue: Donated!
2009-04-17-9:59 p.m.

Hi, sorry, I actually have been getting some work done again: the one paying contract I have right now is due end of the month: so fewer liliane pages.

In the meantime, I invite you to go look at the April installment of Rosen'Blue & Sassafras


While you are there, take a look at the rest of their site, which is a fantastic resource for children with lgbt parents. They are looking for funding right now, and are seeking donations large or small. Join me: I donated the April Rosen'Blue comic, a $300 value! I would love if you could give just a little!

Thanks so much!

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Maus Creator now doing Children's Books
2009-03-20-1:19 a.m.

I have just discovered that Art Spiegelman, yes, of Maus fame, and his wife Francoise Mouly have started a series of Easy Reader children's books based on cartooning vernacular.

The books, called Toon Books are a brilliant idea for beginning readers. The left to right, up to down visual narrative of comics gets the kids into the same reading habits re text on the page. The visuals help greatly with comprehension. The use of speech bubbles helps with the concept of dialogue vs narrative text. And the comic format draws kids in, being more associated with entertainment than education.

Comics have previously been used to draw in reluctant readers who are teens or preteens, but to my knowledge this is one of the first times that grades 1-4 have been targeted by this type of format. And they are using wellknown comic artists for their authors. Brilliant move.

Check out their website. They have sample pages such as these from the upcoming Little Mouse Gets Ready by Bone creator Jeff Smith.

Beautiful, simple, appealing. One of the first published, Stinky by Eleanor Davis, has even earned a Theodor Seuss Guesel Honor Book award.

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No work= New Comics! And March 2009 Rosenblue
2009-03-16-11:00 p.m.

Hey there! Yes, you might have noticed, I have been back posting a page or three a week. No, I don't have much paying work! Yes that is great! Oh, financially it is disastrous, but I have free time and free brain space, and I have discovered that it isn't just old age that had made my comics-imagination dry up and float away. It was being just too busy. So, as long as it lasts, you'll get a few new pages a week!

In other news, I have also used said free time and brain space to do new Rosenblue 'n Sassafras comics for Rainbow Rumpus, the website for kids with lgbt parents. The new March issue is up now! Check it out!

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